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NM Insurance Ambassador Paul Burt gears up for boat show season

NM Insurance Ambassador Paul Burt is a familiar face from the weather on Australia’s Channel 7 News and as the star of his own 7Mate show, Step Outside with Paul Burt. With six seasons and 200 episodes of the show under his belt, and the Trans-Tasman boat show season kicking off, Paul is as excited as ever about encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors and embrace a boating lifestyle.

“Being out on the water, or just out in nature really, somehow gives you the ability to clear your mind, every day out there is different to the day before,” says Paul. “It’s just a matter of stepping out there, breathing that fresh air, unwinding, and enjoying the outdoors. With Step Outside with Paul Burt we are there to help. Whether you’re a novice just starting out fishing or someone who has a question you might be too embarrassed to ask such as reversing a trailer down a boat ramp or what gear should I use when targeting a specific marine species, we want to make your lives easier and your time outdoors more enjoyable.”

Paul sees boat shows as a perfect place for people to start. A chance for people to not just look at the finished product, but an ideal opportunity to research every component and build their ultimate dream boat from the ground up. As autumn takes hold across Australia and New Zealand, mild as it has been so far, the marine industry obliges as the boat show season kicks into gear from mid-May to show off the latest and the greatest from local and international brands.


Paul loves attending boat shows and has some great advice for boaties planning to attend a show this season. “If you’re a buyer, go check out the boats first,” says Paul. “You need to have a look at all the boats, whether you’re after a trailer boat, or an on-water boat. Once you’ve made your mind up on a couple of different options, then go look at the electronics. Then you’ll check out the engine stands and trailers if you’re going for a trailerable boat. Then you can look at the figures and start the wheeling and dealing towards the end of the day!”

Domenic Genua, Publisher of Marine Business News and COO for the Australian Business Events Association, spent many years organising Sydney International Boat Show and is understandably enthusiastic about the reality of the experience as opposed to just browsing online. “Online your appreciation for a product is limited to what the marketer wishes to present to you. At a show, your senses are immersed in the boat buying experience. While it is not common that people ‘taste’ their way through a boating selection process, it is reasonable to engage the other four senses, to see, feel, hear, and smell a product,” he says.

Or as Scott Thomas, Publisher of Fishing World puts it, “Boat shows are like theme parks for grownups. I’ve been to dozens of boat shows and I still get a buzz entering the doors and seeing the giant expanse of shiny new boats and gear on display. What’s not to like about them?”

The April-May issue of Nautilus Marine Magazine, with Guest Editor Paul Burt on the cover, is out now.