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NM Insurance will be there for you during the claims process. We aim to ensure that our customers are efficiently and empathetically supported by our professional team and support partners.

Efficient, honest, and empathetic

NM Insurance is committed to offering a fair and professional claims service that is empathetic, honest, and efficient. We believe that the needs of our customers must be serviced with the utmost goodwill throughout the claims process.

Our commitment is to support our customers throughout the claims process and ensure we exceed the market expectations of claims experiences. We comply with the Australian General Insurance Code of Practice and New Zealand Fair Insurance Code (as applicable) when investigating and assessing claims.

From the first claims notification through to all their experiences with our offices and our support partners, our aim is to efficiently, professionally and empathetically support our customers when they need it most.




Over $455 million in claims paid across Australia and New Zealand



96.73% of all claims accepted across Australia and New Zealand



claims support partners across Australia and New Zealand

On the journey when it counts

Case study:
Cyclone Debbie

When Cyclone Debbie struck North Queensland in 2017, it resulted in substantial damage to the region and became known as one of the most damaging cyclones to hit Australia in over two decades. Hundreds of Nautilus Marine Insurance customers were impacted by the Category 4 tropical cyclone. We were there to support our customers immediately when this natural catastrophe struck with support service partners on the ground. Our internal claims staff promptly attended to our customers’ needs and supported them to lodge their claims efficiently. As always, our goal was to provide our customers with great experience and help them return them to their boating lifestyle as soon as possible.




$8.5 million Claims paid after Cyclone Debbie

Case study:
Partnering with GSA on the total loss of an 80ft vessel

“We work as a team, a partnership, when this sort of thing happens,” says GSA Insurance Brokers CEO James Telford, of their claims experience with NM Insurance involving the total loss of a client’s 80ft luxury motor yacht. “It was important to get this right. At the end of the day, there was a lot of care in there and wanting to do the right thing for the client. In terms of the outcome, I think all parties were very happy.” Watch the video featuring James and GSA Senior Client Manager Natalie Fisher.

Case study:
The Anchorage Marina

“What we found after our claims experience is that insurance can be a partnership,” says The Anchorage Marina Director Stephen O’Hare whose marina in Williamstown is protected by Nautilus Marine Insurance. “The after-claim experience with Nautilus Marine was amazing.” Watch the story of Stephen’s claims experience following a devastating storm which caused damage to both the marina and some moored vessels.

Need to make a claim?

If you or your client needs to make a claim, we’ll be there to provide assistance and support when it’s needed most. We pride ourselves on our professional and fair claims service.

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