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Dealer Update

Tim Baker, our Head of Development – Major Alliance Partners, shares some industry updates for our dealer partners.

As I’m sitting here writing this under the awning of a caravan on the banks of the Murray River, I can’t help but notice the changes in people’s spending and lifestyle habits. Three years ago, sitting in the same spot on roughly the same day the experience was very different. Back then there were people camping along the river banks, enjoying time with family and friends, just as I am. The major differences now? The number of people who are out here (significantly higher), the vehicles they are driving (predominantly late models), the caravans they are towing and also the leisure toys they have bought with them. Three years ago, it was common to see families happily camping in tents and towing 20-30 year old boats up here for skiing and fishing activities. This year the number of tents is minimal: approximately 80% of the people holidaying here are in caravans, the majority of these being late models. They are not up here with just the one car but two. The second car is towing the tinny or PWC so that the family is occupied with sporting activities while they are holidaying.

Tim Baker

Head of Development – Major Alliance Partners

So why do I bring this up? Well, as we are all aware and from what I am observing, the three industries (Caravan, Marine and Motorcycle) which NM Insurance provides insurance solutions for through distributors, are all still experiencing major growth. I know that dealerships are busy. When stock comes in, it is pretty much pre-sold and ready to go out. Because of these tight timeframes, insurance can sometimes be an afterthought and missed during the sales process.

However, offering customers the option of an insurance quote means you are giving the customer an option to make sure that their newly purchased asset is covered should something unfortunately happen like what we have seen along Australia’s East Coast over the last few months. Our insurance calculators (online quoting platforms) are quick and efficient to use. The few minutes it takes to quote could be the difference between your customers being covered when they leave the dealership or not being covered.

Please feel free to give your state rep a call at any time. Whether you have any staff you need trained and accredited, or should you want existing staff to be re-trained on the use of our calculators and the distributor sales process, your Business Development Manager will be more than happy to help.